Waiting On The Sun – Nikki Yanofski (2014)


“Here’s my favorite tune off my sister’s new album called Waiting on the Sun.

Her improv from 3:40 onwards is the real deal. Enjoy.”

-Andrew Yanofski

I decided to upload a bunch of videos today, but I really wanted this one to be the last so that it stays at the top for a minute. Nikki is the real deal. She has incredible vocal control complemented by her comfortability in almost any groove and pocket. She is one of the most exciting new voices in the Jazz scene right now, and it’s only a matter of time before she explodes. Like, real big. She can belt it and get souly, or take it down a few notches and create a real smooth feel. Check out some more of her stuff, she’s got it.


Nick Drake – Poor Boy (feat Chris McGregor) (1970)


This may be a pretty “out there” post, but I gotta show some love for Chris McGregor. I may have already posted about him so I apologize.

I first heard him on a the Nick Drake song “Poor Boy”

It’s an amazing song. I really wish Nick had the chance to explore more of this Jazzy-Souly stuff. Either way, the song was awesome, but the piano accompaniment really caught my ear. Then 3:28 happened. With my guard already taken down due to Nick’s voice and the previous tracks on the album, the piano solo just blew me away. Something about his runs that change as sporadically yet gracefully like butterfly wings, or the dissonance that adds a Sriracha-esk kick. I finally figured out who the guy was. Chris McGregor. Dood basically started the underground Jazz scene in an oppressive South Africa. He eventually had to flee, came here for a while, ended up in Drake’s studio. His sound is VERY experimental, a lot of free-jazz that I don’t love, but there are some gems.

Here’s one. Give it a shot. I imagine it as background music to a time lapse of LA rush hour traffic.