Jungle Fire – Comencemos (Let’s Start) [2014]


“New album from Jungle Fire out today. Nonstop Dance Party!”
-Brandon Yarsike

Have you ever had a group of people over and you wanted to play a different type of dance music, other than the predictable “top-20″ hits? Give Afro-beat a try. They say that humans originated in Africa…maybe that’s why there’s something in Afro-beat that resonates in every person and it’s so damn infectious.

Jungle Fire’s newest album “Tropicoso” is a great place to start exploring and start dancing.

Cory Henry – Crazy feat Chantae Cann (2013)


“A few guys who’ve worked with snarky puppy are in this. There’s also a crazy solo in this, fittingly.”
-Aidan Scherer

For those of you who like Snarky Puppy and what they’re all about, and you don’t have your Cory Henry up….get your Cory Henry up. Dood is a beast. He’s the piano player for SP. When I saw them live in Toronto, he closed out their set with a jaw-dropping solo, and it was clear he was on the level of musical genius that the greats are. Just check out his solo stuff.

Here’s a taste of one of my favorites off his new album. The whole thing is gold and definitely worth the purchase.

Adam & Kizzie – Maze (2014)



Loving this song. Married couple. Husband plays piano and raps, Wife sings. This track has it all: jazz, hip/hop, and nice vocals. It has that Glasper black radio feel, and it’s good to know that some other artists are combining modern jazz with hip-hop. The whole album is pretty out there, some good spoken word and experimental parts.

Check it.

Moonchild – The Truth


-Max Smilen


If you’re stressed and beat after a long day, just take a breather with this clam. It’ll lift you right out of the neo-soulersystem. Moonchild is The Truth. 

Here’s my favorite tune off this album.

Amber Navran – vocals

Andris Mattson and Max Bryk – Production and horns.